Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"HARDWARE: JVC readies twin-projector 3D TV"

Japan's JVC Professional Products Company has joined forces with U.S.'s Sensio Technologies Inc. to build a high-end 3D display for the consumer market. Two JVC 1080p quality Pro projectors will handle the left- and right-eye images streaming from a media server using Sensio's proprietary decoding technology. The first demonstration of 3D projection using two JVC Pro projectors with Sensio technology was at the CEDIA Expo 2008. Partially because of the wide acceptance of the demonstration did the two companies sign a memorandum of understanding. The next joint demonstration of JVC Pro + Sensio comes during the 2009 Consumer Electronic Show next month in Las Vegas. The 3D theater solution will be sold and marketed in the United States to high end home cinemas owners by JVC Pro.