Friday, January 30, 2009

"MEDIA: New 3-D TV format to be demo'd during Super Bowl"

The 3DTV format is set to make a splash in primetime during the Super Bowl and a broadcast movie. During the NFL Championship game on Sunday (Feb. 1), a new 3DTV format that renders colors more accurately will be broadcast during two 3-D commercials. On Monday, NBC will broadcast DreamWorks' "Monsters versus Aliens" in the new 3DTV format. Patented technology developed by ColorCode 3-D Center (Lyngby, Denmark) uses a new anaglyph format that enables any TV to render accurate 3-D colors when viewers use amber-blue lenses instead of the traditional red-cyan 3-D glasses. Intel Corp. (Santa Clara,. Calif.) is providing 3-D glasses that will be distributed nation-wide for use during the Super Bowl.