Thursday, January 1, 2009

"MEDIA: Bolt debuts from Walt Disney Pictures"

Walt Disney Picture's "Bolt" opened nationwide in polarized 3D at more than 1000 theaters featuring an action-hero dog that believes he has superpowers. John Travolta is the voice of the super-dog Bolt--a dog actor whose stage life is filled with adventure, danger and suspense. Unfortunatley, he gets shipped to the wrong address--New York City instead of Los Angeles--where he finds himself having to call on those powers he has only pretended to have on stage. In his harrowing cross country journey to get back to L.A., Bolt takes on two traveling companions--a stray cat and an escaped hamster. During the journey, Bolt discovers his own canine cunning is as good as having superpowers to be a hero. Boly was produced in 3D by RealD, whose double-speed projectors alternately project the left and right eye images through orthogonal polarizers, permitting viewers to direct the correct image to the correct eye with polarized glasses. In the next three years, over 30 films in 3D are slated to be released by Disney and other popular studios.