Friday, May 21, 2010

Glasses-Free #3D Coming to Phones Thanks to #3M

3D without the dorky glasses was something I perfected ten years ago using a $5000 custom made slidebar and a Nikon DSLR to capture 36 side-by-side images that you dice up behind a lenticular lens to create an autostereoscopic display--now 3M has reduced that cost to under $1. Look for every cell phone with a color screen to adopt these new autostereoscopic screens over the next two years. R.C.J.

Here's what 3M says about its own demonstrations at the Society of Information Display (SID) next week: 3M Demonstrates Suite of Display Film Solutions During SID Display Week 2010; Energy Efficient Films for TVs, Monitors and Notebooks With Glasses-Free 3D Film for Handhelds...Building upon its efforts to improve energy efficiency in electronic devices, 3M’s Optical Systems Division will showcase a number of energy efficient exhibits for notebooks, handheld devices, monitors and LCD TVs during SID Display Week 2010, to be May 24-28 in Seattle, Wash. In addition, the company will demonstrate its glasses-free 3D film for handhelds--the world’s only film to deliver auto-stereoscopic 3D without impacting color or resolution of the displays...3M will show its field sequential 3D optical film for handheld devices—enabling true auto stereoscopic 3D viewing on mobile phones, gaming and other handheld devices without the need for glasses. The film only requires one LCD panel, operating at a 120Hz refresh rate. Backlight module assembly is nearly identical to existing systems—allowing for simple integration at the assembly stage.
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