Thursday, April 22, 2010

Viewsonic #3D Glasses Debut for its Stereoscopic Projectors

ViewSonic announced the launch of its PGD-150 Active Stereographic 3D shutter glasses which work in tandem with ViewSonic's DLP Link 120Hz / 3D Ready projectors to provide an immersive 3D experience. Here is what Viewsonic says: "For teachers looking to make the educational experience more engaging for their students, or home users hoping to bring cinema-quality 3D experiences into their media rooms, ViewSonic's PGD-150 Active Stereographic shutter glasses offer a bold new approach. Boasting a 50ft effective use distance for maximum flexibility and active shutter glass design for a blur-free 3D experience, these glasses work perfectly in tandem with large scale presentations or solo media viewing. The PGD-150's sharp 1000:1 contrast and TN Type LCD shutter ensures each vibrant 3D image is displayed with perfect clarity. Molded in durable plastic, the ViewSonic PGD-150 Active Stereographic 3D shutter glasses feature a ruggedized water- and dust-proof design and operate with long lasting lithium batteries for up to 70 hours of usage before replacement. ViewSonic's PGD-150 Active Stereographic 3D shutter glasses are currently available for an ESP of $99."