Saturday, March 14, 2009

"HARDWARE: World's First 3D Rig to Use Red HD Cameras"

The direct-to-video Red digital cinema camera is now available in a stereo 3D version from Liquid Pictures Inc. (Atlanta, Georgia). The world's first 3D rig to utilize Red's 4520-by-2540 pixel movie format is available in models that shoot on land, underwater, and even for macroscopic subjects. 
A team of engineers at Liquid Pictures is currently ramping up a manufacturing line as well as upgrading its 3D rig to using Red's new Epic and Scarlet models offering image widths up to 6000 pixels. Liquid Pictures is also readying models that use Sony F35, Phantom HD, and Phantom 65 cameras.

BOTTOM LINE: Direct-to-video using Red's camera don't sacrifice depth of field the way traditional video cameras do. Directors can work with the same control over how much is in focus in scenes the same way that they do with traditional film cameras. Red's cameras are also less expensive--as cheap as renting the most expensive film cameras. All these factors should encourage more 3D cinema productions