Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#Intel, #Nokia fund 3-D interface lab

Intel is pioneering 3-D interfaces with smartphone maker Nokia which will probably use the mobile Atom processor. Look for Nokia/Intel to carve out a unique genre of personal communications devices. RColinJohnson @NextGenLog

Nokia's concept designs for wearable personal electronic devices.

Here is what EETimes says about the new 3D design center: Intel and Nokia are jointly investing in a small academic research lab to study future 3-D user interfaces and experiences for mobile devices. The Intel and Nokia Joint Innovation Center will be based at the University of Oulu in Finland which will hire about two dozen undergraduate and graduate students to staff it.
Intel and Nokia are each contributing an undisclosed sum to fund the center. They also hope to get support from the European Union's Framework R&D program. The idea of the new center is to imagine what a 3-D graphical user interface might look and act like if you could create it from a clean sheet of paper, said Vida Ilderem, an Intel labs researcher who oversees Intel's participation in the effort. The labs work will include investigations into areas such as stereo 3-D and holographic interfaces.
Full Text: http://bit.ly/Uptown3D-c033